The Art of Dry-Aging

At TOWNE380, we pride ourselves on the quality of our steaks.

This is the essence of our Steakhouse: quality meat, cut artfully by our butchers, and aged in-house to perfection. Ours is the best dry aged steak you will find across Laval and the Montreal area, and there’s a reason for that. The art of dry-aging is something we’ve perfected over decades in the restaurant industry. 

We custom-built our Himalayan Pink Salt Dry Aging Chamber, which you can find downstairs at our restaurant, to produce the exact results we wanted to offer our guests. In this post, let’s dive into the details of what makes dry-aging so unique.

TOWNE380 dry-aged Porterhouse, Kansas, and NY Strip

What Is Dry-Aging?

Dry-aging is a time-honoured technique that involves carefully exposing prime cuts of beef to controlled environments for an extended period. During this transformative process, the beef undergoes a magnificent metamorphosis, as enzymes break down connective tissues, intensifying the natural flavours and tenderizing the meat. In the end, dry-aging yields an extraordinary gastronomic experience like no other, offering a way to elevate every meal.

At TOWNE380, we chose to opt for a Himalayan Pink Salt Chamber to age our meat. With a wall made entirely of Himalayan Pink Salt, an additional dimension of flavour and quality is added, as the salt particles seep into the beef.

Wet Vs. Dry-Aging

While both methods aim to enhance the quality of beef, they differ in their approach and end results. Wet aging involves vacuum-sealing meat in a controlled environment, allowing it to age in its own juices. This process is relatively quick, typically lasting a few days to a few weeks, and it primarily focuses on improving tenderness. 

On the other hand, dry aging is a patient affair, as whole cuts of beef are meticulously hung in a precisely controlled environment with carefully monitored temperature and humidity levels. This slow process, which can extend from several weeks to even months, results in intensified flavours, concentrated marbling, and a sublime tenderness that can only be achieved through time and meticulous craftsmanship.

Where To Buy Dry-Aged Steak

If you’re searching for a dry-aged steak near you, look no further. Every steak served at TOWNE380 has been dry-aged 35+ days and prepared skillfully to get the most tender and flavourful result. You can also purchase our dry-aged USDA cuts to bring home, by taking advantage of our Butcher Shop.

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